Office Manager

Teresa Watts boasts a rich and multifaceted background in accounting and finance, spanning over three decades of invaluable experience. Her diverse expertise encompasses a wide array of industries, including insurance, investments, not-for-profit organizations, owner-operator trucking ventures, and fitness clubs, among others. However, Teresa's enduring passion and most significant career chapters have been dedicated to the dynamic world of plumbing.

Teresa embarked on her journey in the realm of accounting within the confines of a small, yet bustling, accounting office. This firm specialized in catering to the unique financial needs of small businesses and diligently handling personal tax returns. It was here, amidst the intricate dance of numbers and financial intricacies, that Teresa uncovered her true calling – the human element within her profession.

While her competence in managing financial intricacies is undeniable, Teresa's genuine strength lies in the connections she forges with people. To her, accounting is not just about crunching numbers; it's about understanding the dreams, aspirations, and challenges that each individual or business faces. It's about being a trusted partner in navigating the financial terrain.

With an illustrious career marked by dedication, integrity, and a people-centric approach, Teresa Watts is more than just an Office Manager. She is a compassionate professional who not only balances the books but also fosters relationships, ensuring that her clients and staff thrive personally.

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