Founder & Managing Partner

With a remarkable 20 year journey in plumbing and gasfitting, Bob Henry's expertise is the cornerstone of Fountainhead Mechanical Services. He embarked on his career by specializing in custom residential plumbing and innovative boiler systems installation. His deep understanding of hydronic systems and intricate controls grew during this period. Transitioning to the commercial sector after five years, Bob has thrived for a career spanning over 15 years in the commercial service side of the industry, serving as a driving force for mechanical excellence.

Bob's quest for knowledge led him across international borders, pursuing certifications from renowned boiler and plumbing industry manufacturers. As a registered Class A Gasfitter, he holds mastery over gas-fired equipment of all sizes, spanning from residential appliances to large commercial systems.

Bob's unwavering commitment to aiding others motivated him to establish Fountainhead Mechanical Services. He aspires to shed light on seemingly complex challenges and provide invaluable insight.

Fuelled by an undeniable passion for his craft, Bob takes immense pride in his work, eagerly anticipating the next opportunity to solve problems.

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