Account Manager

Bringing a wealth of experience to her role, Ana De Guzman serves as the Account Manager at Fountainhead Mechanical. Over the course of 17 years, she has honed her skills in both sales, administration, and customer relations.

Ana's passion lies in building meaningful connections with her clients. She understands that business is not just about transactions, it's about trust and collaboration. Ana takes pride in nurturing these relationships, ensuring that every client feels valued and supported.

Ana thrives on challenges. She's the person you can rely on when issues arise. Whether it's finding solutions to technical problems or addressing unique needs, Ana is dedicated to making your experience with Fountainhead Mechanical smooth and successful. Your problems become her problems, and she won't rest until they're resolved.

Ana is proud to be part of Fountainhead Mechanical, a company that shares her commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. At Fountainhead, they don't just fix equipment - they solve problems. The team is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

Beyond her professional life, Ana enjoys being a realtor, indulging in retail therapy, and cherishing quality time with her friends and family. These experiences have instilled in her the significance of balance, which she seamlessly integrates into her professional life, ensuring you receive personalized attention and tailored solutions.

Ana welcomes the opportunity to partner with you in overcoming challenges, innovating, and making your experience with Fountainhead Mechanical truly exceptional. You can reach out to her anytime to discuss how she can assist you!

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