Manufacturers’ Training

April 4, 2019

I am super excited about my upcoming trip to receive more training with Viessmann. I absolutely love working for a company that takes our education seriously and enables us to grow in our practice and expertise. In our industry, it is important to keep up-to-date with the newest technologies. This allows myself and my coworkers to effectively and efficiently repair and service your equipment and offer reliable recommendations.

Every boiler is not the same! I can’t count the number of times I have heard technicians title themselves “boiler experts”. In our trade, we must continually learn and receive training on the newest technologies or our knowledge will become obsolete. There is no place for being arrogant or pretentious or resting on training or information from years past. I can think of several cases this behaviour resulted in expensive damages.


For example - it is commonplace to clean exchangers on boilers during annual maintenance. In most cases, this requires removing the burner; however, there is a manufacturer that does not allow this common practice. They use a special type of burner that I can best describe as a ceramic foam. If touched even very, very lightly, a permanent and irreparable deformation occurs in the burner. This being said, I am not saying everyone needs training from the manufacturer directly for every boiler. However when starting work on a piece of equipment that we are unfamiliar with we must consultant the manufacturers' literature, share relevant information with our colleagues, and when needed, request additional training.


Thankfully I am lucky to work with a great team at Fountainhead Mechanical. We have a wealth of skilled technicians eager to share their experience and knowledge and a management team that believes in continuing education, locally and internationally. This means our clients get the utmost best quality of advice and pair of skilled hands on their plumbing and heating difficulties – every time.