Measurement Matters Inc.

Project Summary

Ongoing project support for MMI clients with handbooks.

Website for main contact platform.

Target Audience

Oil and gas producers in Western Canada who are looking to avoid regulatory non-compliance issues with sensible solutions.


  • Integral & cutting edge
  • Reliable & dependable
  • Experience & Knowledge

Single-Minded Message

“Measurement Matters Inc. wants to save you money by avoiding regulatory non-compliance issues.”


  1. Website
    1. Responsive on desktop, tablet and mobile
    2. Paralax scrolling features
    3. Able to promote the software and start a sales conversation
  2. Handbooks
    1. Personalized for clients
    2. Printed and restricted PDF for distribution
    3. Updated on a regular basis
    4. Multiple targets including Alberta, Saskatchewan and
      Thermal Specialists