Calgary Stampede


The Calgary Stampede is a not-for-profit community organization that preserves and celebrates our western heritage, cultures and community spirit. Charged with producing marketing materials including publications, print, advertising, direct mail, event collateral and web design that assist the organization in solving business issues.

Target Audience

A very broad target audience includes children, parents, adults of all ages, senior and youth alike.


  • Western Heritage
  • Experiencial and shareable
  • Bright, fun & upbeat

Single-Minded Message

“The Calgary Stampede is your go-to for meeting & event spaces as well as the world famous 10-day festival in July of each year.”

Projects Completed

  1. Signage, both printed and digital
  2. Souvenir programs
  3. Many handouts, posters and brochures
  4. ID Cards and access passes
  5. CS SuperPass campaign materials
  6. Digital & social media elements
  7. Premium menus, both printed, digital & interactive
  8. Concert announcements across all social media channels
  9. Custom tickets and ticket holders
  10. Complex and very high-end invitations
  11. Vehicle and trailer wraps
  12. Event identities, logo design
  13. Custom illustration
  14. SnapChat graphics